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Once again you wrote lots (I would add with a few conceitedness) however, you had been unable to confirm anything at all! Persian is language I realize perfectly because I'm from Iran. Truly the Persian you typed was terrible and helps make the verses not rhyme. And you simply didn't know Dooghbaa and Shoorbaa are Persian words and phrases and never Turkish. So that you lack simple etymological abilities. And Incidentally you appear to be an economic major (google search), and so are not undoubtedly a professional in Persian or possibly a Nizami scholar or Persian literature Professor! So your own personal composition ought to be mentioned in the dialogue page.

I commend him a minimum of that at first he introduced some Persian (In spite of the wrong transliteration and pronunciation and that is better than remaining empty handed). Indeed by making use of elements from various Persian poets, the Armenianness of Shirin is renowned.

(Reported Nafisi). Which is why facts was taken from Dr. Iraj Bashiri's site and I'll update it appropriately to it. 100% certainty to the date of composition of each manuscript does not exist.

Mr. Baguirov who will not know Persian and so he cannot study Nizami. As an example he did not know the term Doogh has a transparent Iranic root. He is in no placement to discuss Nizami Ganjavi's ethnicity as well as employs of verses which are madeup with the republic of Azerbaijan [forty six] is without a doubt a proof of The truth that most of the resources from that republic is extremly ethno-centeric. Certainly a scholar from the republic of Azerbainan of 1980 forged the next verse: Pedar bar pedar mar-maraa tork bood - beh farzaanegi har yeki gorg bood!! The issue using this type of scholar would be that the term Tork and Gorg are by no means rhymed in almost any Persian poetry and indeed violate The foundations of Persian poetry.

Mr. Adil will not recognize that a minimum of indo-Iranians wherever in the area For the reason that time of Mittani. The 1st mentioning of Persians/Medes (who spoke basically exactly the same language as attested by Strabo with slight sound changes) in the region is 832 B.

In any case, I am able to go on and on about this, but have neither time, nor the will to possess a senseless argument.

Meanwhile, Iran did not exist for a independent or usually unbiased or semi-impartial unified state For the reason that seventh century Advertisement and until look at more info resurrection in 16th century underneath Shah Ismail Khatai Sefevi).

Khaghani even uses some Georgian phrases. And by the way it is better to present a refrence and produce the arabic script Variation off Every single on the words you claim, and convey the verses. I'll display that other Persian poets might have utilized a number of terms. In truth Ferdowsi and Nizami use a lot more Greek terms, but do you think you're about to simply call them Greek. And earlier mentioned Greek, they use a great deal more Arabic phrases. So make sure you usually do not weave so much things as a way to make promises. The reality is that we only know a hundred% Nizamis mom was Kurdish. Besides that, some manuscripts have created a reference to him remaining from Qom, and this is the 'Maybe', 'it's possible', and so forth.

ten) Mr. Doostzadeh constantly ignores or contradicts crystal clear-Slice proof of Nizami’s Azerbaijani Turkic self-view, identification and nationality, his really favorable look at of Turkic men and women normally in all his poems as honest, just, courageous, and delightful. Mr. Doostadeh’s pulls all stops attempting to contradict the uncontradictable about this – although none of the significant contemporary Western Students, which include of Iranian origin like prof.

زِ چينی بِجُز چينِ اَبروُ مَخواه ندارند پِيمان مردم نِگاه سُخن راست گُفتند پيشينيان که عَهد و وَفا نيست در چينيان همه تَنگ چِشمی پَسنديده اند

‌حد ثني انه انشدني بالمراغه جماعه من اشياخها اشعاراً لابن البعيث بالفارسيه و تذكرون ادبه و شجاعه و له اخباراً و احاديث

24) According to title Kazvin, Kasghari’s you can check here dictionary calls it the place of amusement for Afasiyab’s daughter Gaz!! But fashionable scholarship has proven that this is just another legendary absurd idea plus the title Ghazvin should do Along with the Caspians and also the Caspians are currently referred to as either Iranian speakers Or maybe Hurrian speakers.

Of course a personality is indicating it, but this is still tough. Also the most important dispute amongst Mahmud and Ferdowsi is rumored to generally be thanks to ethnic(Iranic vs Turkic) and spiritual conflict (Shi'i vs Sunni).

20) To offer the greatest operates on poetry into the community ruler has almost nothing to try and do with Nizamis father. Mr. Baguirov puts words in my mouth and jumps the issue. In fact although the Seljuqids were being Turkic (although combined in with other teams), they have been patrons of Iranian and Persian society and a lot of Iranian poets committed their do the job to them.

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